Clive Dunn

Clive Dunn
Clive Dunn OBE (9 January 1920 – 6 November 2012)

Clive Dunn was born on 9 January 1920 in London.

From the 1930s, he played small film roles, breaking in his career to serve in the Second World War, four years of which were spent in a prisoner of war camp.

Coming from a background of music hall performers, Clive was drawn to acting from childhood, and appeared in Will Hay films such as 'Boys Will Be Boys' and 'Good Morning Boys', as a youngster.

However, it is by portraying old men on British television that Clive made his greatest mark. He broke into television comedy in the 1960s, beginning with Old Johnson on 'Bootsie And Snudge', a show, co-written by British humorist Marty Feldman, which ran from 1960 until 1963. Clive also appeared with Dora Bryan, Michael Bentine and Dick Emery, and he appeared in a number of 'Hancock's Half Hour' episodes, including the part of Ginger Johnson in 'The Re-union Party'.

Clive is perhaps best known for his role as Lance-Corporal Jones in the enormously popular 'Dad's Army', appearing in all 80 episodes from 1968 until 1977. He continued to portray similar characters on sitcoms and in a children's show, 'Grandad' which ran from 1979. When the programme ended in 1984, he retired to Portugal.

Clive was awarded an OBE in 1975. He died in Portugal on 6 November 2012.